Best Beginner Compound Bows & Archery Sets Reviews

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Nowadays, there are dozens of archery equipment brands and each one claims their products are the very best. And even seasoned hunting enthusiasts can fall prey (no pun intended) to a misleading sales pitch. At first glance, all archery sets may seem nearly identical. But a closer look reveals countless structural differences and widely ranging specifications.

Instead of sifting through hundreds of sub-par products, you can choose among the ten most efficient, innovative and time-tested sets out there. Whether you’re looking for a professional compound model, a training bow or just a high-quality kids’ toy, you’re bound to find some fitting choices listed below.

10. Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set

LilMade by one of the world’s most respected archery equipment manufacturers, the Lil Banshee Jr. is an ideal bow for introducing kids to the sport at a young age. Though it’s made for children, this archery set features an adjustable pin sight, precision handling grip, and even an ambidextrous reinforced handle. It’s also surprisingly powerful, with an impressive 18-pound draw weight and a draw length of 18-22 inches.


9. Bear Wizard Bow Set

BearThough it’s rated for ages 5-10, the Bear Wizard archery set can make be a great first bow for kids of all ages. With 10-17 pounds of draw weight and 17-24 inches of draw length, it fits quite a few age groups. The set includes a pair of arrows, a target board, and a carrying case. Plus, its durable composite limbs guarantee that your child will outgrow the bow long before it breaks.


8. Franklin Sports Hanging Archery Set

FranklinThe user-friendly Franklin archery set comes prestrung and complete with three arrows, a target, and an adjustable door stand. The set is best suited for beginners, regardless of age – it’s the only model featuring an adjustable bow length. With this beginner’s set, setting up for target practice is a quick and simple process.


7. Archery Training Kids Bow Longbow Children Junior Gift Toy Outdoor Game

TophuntThis compression-molded fiberglass longbow is a great training set for teenagers or kids with some previous experience. Due to its intense 20-pound draw, this model comes with finger tabs and an arm guard for safety. The kid-friendly longbow and arrows are made of molded fiberglass, which is durable and extremely lightweight for its size.


6. Disney Store Brave Merida Archery Bow and Arrow Costume Accessories Set

DisneyInspired by Brave (the movie), the Merida bow is the only actual toy on our list. Disney’s toy archery set simply goes above and beyond all other comparable products. The bow, arrows, and quiver are not only beautifully designed but also highly functional. While it’s not a real compound bow, the Merida system features a functional single-wheel cam system.


5. Barnett Banshee Junior Archery Set

BarnettThough the model is named the Banshee Junior Archery Set, it is definitely not a toy. Even teenagers with plenty of shooting experience should never use it without parental supervision. The ambidextrous reinforced bow allows up to 25 pounds of draw with a draw length of 26 inches. And Barnett’s patented soft-touch grip helps novice and intermediate archers improve their aim.


4. Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

CrosmanHere’s another ironically named Jr. compound bow that should be kept out of children’s reach. This heavy duty, right-handed bow comes with two composite arrows, a two-piece quiver, finger tabs, an arm guard and a podium (rest.) The Elkhorn Jr. features extremely durable strings and heavyweight composite limbs. Combined with a state-of-the-art cam wheel system, this “Jr.” bow is basically a miniature version of a professional hunting bow.


3. Barnett Outdoors Team Realtree Banshee Quad Junior Compound Bow Archery Set

CrossbowsWith 25 pounds of draw, the Team Realtree Banshee 41-inch compound bow is also the most lightweight archery set it its class. Barnett designed it for intermediate shooters, yet the bow features a quad-limb compound system that provides up to 26 inches of draw length. On top of that, its rugged base is reinforced on the inside and topped off with Barnett’s soft-touch grip for flawless handling.


2. Genesis Original Kit

GenesisAll Genesis Original compound bows are made in the USA, using a high-quality aluminum alloy for the base and resilient composite limbs. And that’s not why the Genesis became the official bow of NASP (National Archery in Schools Program.) What truly sets it apart is the uniquely customizable design, which allows you to adjust draw length as you see fit. But its most impressive feature is an innovative single-wheel cam system that decreases recoil, eliminates noise and maximizes accuracy.


1. AW Pro Compound Right Hand Bow Kit w/ 12pcs Carbon Arrow Adjustable 20 – 70lbs Archery Set

AWThe AW Pro kit is ideal for shooters who feel ready to move on from intermediate to professional compound bows. It’s the only model on the market that boasts a draw that can adjust from 20 to 70 pounds. Made from rugged aluminum alloy, the bow comes with a stainless steel cable guard, peek hole and a cutting-edge silencer. At only 3.6 pounds, this archery set puts out 70 pounds of draw with a 29″ draw length, shoots 30-inch long arrows with precision, and does so without making a sound.


Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a universal one-size-fits-all set. Some features that are ideal for target shooting can make a bow useless for hunting, and vice-versa. That being said, there are a few clear leaders in each category of archery equipment. Pros can’t go wrong with our number one pick and intermediate shooters won’t find a better bow than the Genesis Original. Likewise, Barnett makes the best beginner sets, which come as no surprise considering the brand has been leading the industry for almost 50 years.


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