Best Climbing Rescue Pulleys Reviews

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There are many reasons why people engage in climbing activities, including pure sporting and such other applications as search and rescue. Irrespective of your intended purpose, you will want to find a top-performing pulley that essentially meets your expectations. Climbing pulleys come in a wide range of sizes and shapes; deciding on the right one can be a daunting task. Yet, your choice could either make or break any big wall trip. If you are looking for a high performance pulley, read on. Reviewed below are some of the most recommended pulleys for climbing applications.

1. Fusion Climb Unisex Tesa Speed Pulley

FusionAny conscientious mountaineer would consider investing in this climbing pulley, which is created from a combination of stainless steel and aluminum. This new improvement of the Tesa Speed Pulley features an enhanced design whose operability is more intuitive, in addition to being more lightweight and super durable. Besides, its innovative design that is comprised of aluminum side plate having smooth edges, coupled with stainless sheaves having rounded ball bearings enables the pulley to provide you with quicker lifts, while rendering the operation fundamentally effortless.


2. GM Climbing 20KN UIAA Certified Black Micro Prusik Minding Pulley 1/2″

20kNThis climbing pulley essentially features side plates in addition to the usual points for added convenience. Indeed, expert mountain climbers find this pulley indispensable in process capture in both hauling and drag systems. The pulley comes fitted with sealed ball bearings, which go a long way in providing maximum traction while offering smooth and faster rotation and higher tackle and block efficiency. Moreover, this climbing pulley features enhanced swing plates, which come in handy in providing easy installation and removal of climbing ropes. This is in addition to being extremely compatible with your commonly used carabineer kinds being employed in the field, which is attributable to the open nature of the pulley’s closing style. Besides, if you are looking for a high scorer in terms of toughness, you will want to go for this pulley whose breaking strength is rated 20kN. This pulley is often preferred owing to its versatility, which renders it useful for climbing, slack hitching or even pulling a boat.


3. Fusion Climb Secura Double Aluminum Side Swing Pulley Purple

SecuraThis aluminum, lightweight featuring 2 independent wheels that render it ideal for multiple pulley setups is a great choice for a wide range of both sporting and industrial applications. Besides, it comes with swivel open aluminum side plates having self-lubricating bushings and smooth rounded edges that not only allow snag-free and efficient performance, but also essentially reduce its wear rate, thus prolonged usable life.


4. PETZL Fixe Pulley

PETZLThis pulley that replaces the Petzl Fixed Side Pulley offers a relative balance of weight and strength, making it ideal for hauling systems. The pulley is also considerably heavier, stronger and more durable, while featuring thinner and stronger side plates that essentially eliminate the need for weight-reducing holes featured in the old version, giving it a cleaner design. Its fixed side plates allow speedy installation and coupling with a rope clamp.


5. GM CLIMBING UIAA Certified 30Kn Swing Cheek Micro Pulley Blue General Purpose

UIAAThis light and compact micro pulley can give you maximum advantage owing to its smooth rotation and easy use. More importantly, it can be applied in many applications, including dragging, hauling, rescue, tree climbing and tensioning system among others. It features swing cheeks that render the rope installation and removal easier, facilitating the system setting process. Besides, it comes with ball bearing that is mounted on the sheave that not only adds more rotation smoothness, but also provides optimal mechanical advantage. Owing to its lightness and compatibility, this micro pulley will occupy less space in your rack.


6. GM CLIMBING 32Kn UIAA CERTIFIED Large Rescue Pulley Single/ Double Sheave with Swing Plate CE/ UIAA

32kNThis pulley is designed to serve a wide range of purposes, including ski patrol, mountain rescue and tower work among other tasks requiring a block and tackle system. It features a large sheave that makes it ideal for hauling huge loads, while being mounted with ball bearing and swing side for enhanced efficiency and smoothness, in addition to ease of rope installation and removal. Moreover, this pulley is ideal for complex rescue and pulling stranded boats, which is attributable to its compatibility with a wide range of ropes.


7. DMM Hitch Climber Pulley-Triple Attachment

HitchThis pulley is extremely ideal for people with a craving for outdoor sport. The pulley is capable of perfectly integrating with your rigging equipment, which is attributable to its triple customizable attachments. Moreover, tree climbers find this pulley extremely ideal owing to its textile friendly curves that leave both the rope and tree undamaged. It also features tamper proof construction with a sturdy design for added efficiency. The Hitch Climber Pulley will essentially allow you to focus on climbing task as opposed to worrying about your safety.


8. Petzl Micro Traxion Pulley

MicroThis ultra-compact and lightweight pulley is considered very versatile. It comes with a toothed cam coupled with a self-cleaning slot that essentially optimizes its performance under any condition, including dirty or frozen ropes. This impeccable climbing pulley is especially ideal for exacting outdoor hobbies, with its most notable design feature being aluminum sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings. This feature not only enhances its efficiency, but also increases its usable life.


9. Hotouch 24KN Heavy Duty Outdoor Climbing ZIP Line Cable Trolley Zip Line Fast Speed Pulley

HotouchThis aluminum constructed pulley is designed for heavy duty tasks like mountain climbing, rescue operations, caving and tree climbing among others. This pulley is not only safe in operation, it also essentially lasts long and it’s not affected by ambient conditions. With its multiple anchor points, this pulley is ideal for complex rescue in addition to hauling system setup. It comes with fixed side plates that are solidly locked for enhanced safety. Its heart shaped appearance renders it an excellent pulley for expediently rigging a hauling system.


10. GM CLIMBING 20kN UIAA CERTIFIED Black Micro Prusik Minding Pulley

PrusikThis is arguably the most ideal pulley for your hauling system. It comes set with a progress capture for supporting the load when you stop hauling. This is in addition to having a favorable swing plate closing style that makes it compatible with all carabineers, including those whose shape is out of balance. This pulley is qualified for multiple tasks, including boat dragging, climbing hauling, or even setting up an interesting tackle and block system at your home. The pulley is especially preferred for its mechanical advantage of smooth and speedy rotation. Moreover, it is sufficiently light and compact, rendering it extremely portable while ensuring that it takes almost no space in your rack.


Finding a climbing pulley that meets your wildest expectation should be your priority. It is imperative that you focus on finding an inventive pulley featuring a good number of operability features while being relatively durable. Fortunately, the process of securing one has been rendered effortless as you can order one online, from such reputable sites as Amazon.


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