Best Compressible Camping and Travel Air Pillows Reviews

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Having a Compressible Air Pillow in your pocket takes the edge off uncomfortable seating while traveling and can be the difference between enjoying the riding part of your trip, or not. If you are considering any travel, or just need a few extra, comfy pillows around for company, following are 10 of Amazons best. All were chosen for quality, and high customer satisfaction ratings.

1. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow

Therm-a-RestThis Denim colored Compressible Pillow is made of brushed polyester (so soft and comfortable on your skin) and is filled with expandable foam. Before expansion, it’s small enough to fit anywhere, and once Therm-a-Rest is ready to use you get a comfy pillow that’s 16.5 by 27 inches. The perfect size for traveling whether you use it on a plane or in a tent, this pillow lives up to its advertising and won’t let you down, or keep you awake.


2. Kohbi Sport Compressible Camping and Travel Pillow

KohbiIf you have ever found yourself trying to rest in an uncomfortable seat while traveling then you know the value of this Compressible Travel Pillow. The Kohbi rolls up to a fraction of its size for easy carry and when in use its a comfortable 16x12x5 inches. The perfect size for travel and short of taking the pillow from your bed, you won’t find a more comfortable place to rest your head. Presented with a risk free, six months money back guarantee, there is no reason not to give this one a try.


3. AmazonBasics Self-Inflating Compressible Air Pillow

AmazonBasicsThe soft foam in this Air Pillow can take the roughest sleeping conditions and make them better. Even when seats lean back slightly, without a decent pillow getting any rest is doubtful. This self-inflating pillow expands on its own and when your through with it, its easy to press the air back out so packing it doesn’t require a lot of space. If you have travel plans in your future, or just need a few extra pillows for company but are short on storage space, this one is just as practical as it is comfortable.


4. SmartTravel Travel Pillow Compact Inflatable Flight Sleep Pillow and Air Foot rest Dual use

SmartTravelAn awesome traveling companion, this Inflatable Pillow does double duty by acting as a foot rest as well as a comfy place to lay your head. In 30 seconds it goes from about the size of an iPad mini to 15.35 by 13.78 inches. The suede cloth it’s made of feels good against your skin, and even though your seat may be hard or narrow, this pillow will at least give your head, neck and shoulders a soft place to rest.


5. Ultralight 2.4 oz. Backpacking, Camping and Travel Inflatable, Compressible Air Pillow for Hiking, Motorcycle Trips, Airplanes and Lumbar Support By Instant Camp

InstantCampTraveling light is traveling smart and at about the size of a deck of cards, Compressible Air Pillows don’t get much smaller than that. 2 to 5 five breaths is all it take to fully inflate the pillow and when your done, deflation for repacking isn’t difficult either. Featured are two baffles within that provide a place to cradle your head as well as keep it from sliding. It doesn’t matter what position you sleep in, this pillow fits them all.


6. Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel / Camping Pillows – Compressible, Compact, Inflatable, Comfortable, Ergonomic Pillow for Neck & Lumber Support and a Good Night Sleep while Camp, Backpacking

TrekologyWhen not in use this Inflatable Pillow isn’t even the size of a soda can (5×2 inches). The ergonomic design makes it a good one for head and lumbar support, it inflates or deflates easily and the material is slip-resistant for a more relaxing sleep. It’s made to last from strong material, will improve your chances of getting the rest you need, and it is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Durable, extremely functional, and “risk free” puts this one in the “must have” category.


7. Weanas Lightweight Compressible Recreation Self Inflating Air Pillow, Rectangular 20” X 12”, Comfortable, for Camping, Hiking, Travel, Backpacking, Picnic, Outdoor Sports

WeanasWhen not in use, this Compressible Pillow is only 6 x 4 inches and is one of the most travel friendly on the market. It has a soft polyester outside and highly resilient sponge inside. Once it self-inflates, you will have a 20 x 12 inch pillow to help you get comfortable wherever you take it. This is a well made travel pillow, built to last many trips and they don’t get any easier to store when its time to pack it up.


8. Outdoor Self Inflatable Camping Pillow, Lightweight Travel Pillow, Airplane Sleep Air Pillow Cushion

OutdoorThis lightweight, self-inflatable Travel Pillow expands to a comfortable 45 x 28 x 10cm and only needs 13x15x8 cm to store when uninflated. Made of soft polyester it gets its softness from memory foam and features a widening pressure design that prevents air leakage. Open the air nozzle, wait 25 seconds and you get a comfortable, durable seat or head rest. Inflating or deflating is easy and adjusting firmness is as simple as adding or removing air.


9. ONWEGO ‘Soft-Top’ Inflatable Backpacking, Camping, Travel Pillow – Ultralight, Compact, Portable, Easy Carry On – Car, Airplane, Bus, Train

ONWEGOSpace in a travel bag isn’t always easy to find, but since this Inflatable Pillow is about the size of a pair of rolled socks when uninflated, storing it between uses is no problem. Featured is a removable, washable soft-top cover that allows your skin to breathe when up against it so you wont get a sweaty head. Inflation only takes about 3 breaths and then you have a comfortable 15 x 12 inch pillow to snuggle up to any time you need it.


10. Camping Pillow by Inspired Equipment | Sleep Well & Travel Light Backpacking, Hiking & Outdoors | Lightweight Camping Equipment, Inflates Large Stores Small

CampingAt an impressive 12 x 20 inches, this Self-Inflatable Pillow will spoil you with its full size comfort. With filling that works like memory foam and a non-slip covering you might enjoy one of these on your bed and the inflation is adjustable to your personal preference. Camping or traveling, there’s no reason not to enjoy a comfortable place to lay your head. This Pillow comes with a no questions asked guarantee, and you can be sure anytime you see a guarantee like that on a Travel Pillow, its worth paying attention to.


Now that you’ve seen 10 of the best on the market all that’s left is deciding which one is for you. Googling Compressible Pillows could lead to a bad case of information overload. You already know you need one or even two of these pillows and the easiest way to find exactly what you need is letting someone else do the research. Following are two from the above list often chosen by the toughest critics there are, consumers just like you.

# 2, the Kohbi Sport does take the ache out of travel and its risk free six month money back guarantee makes it even more attractive. # 10, by inspired equipment also has an excellent guarantee but its full size is what most people notice first. Both are good Pillows, but when faced with two different sizes, most people choose the bigger one.


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