Best Decorative Window Curtain Rods Reviews

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It’s all about the details. It’s the tiny details that set apart how a house would look. Whether you have a classic, postmodern, or even a minimalistic design for your home, when your home has beautiful details, the overall look would be made more elegant, sophisticated, and yes, beautiful.

For example, a minimalist home painted mostly white, then adorned with silver or chrome details looks very clean and classy. On the other hand, a more classic look will be achieved for the same color scheme with gold-colored details. And if you want a more edgy look, a predominantly white home will be able to achieve that look with black details. Indeed, when you choose the right details to accessorize your home, you will achieve a look that you will enjoy, even be proud of.

You may think that a mere curtain rod is such a tiny detail, but a cheap-looking rod will certainly ruin the design you may be aiming for. And so, it is only fitting to choose from great rod options, and those that will enhance the look of your home.

Source Global Bold Pole Adjustable Curtain Rod Set, 144-Inch to 240-Inch, Pewter

Source GlobalThis rod has a good, simple, functional, but still classy design, and comes in eight colors: Black, Dark Brown, Antique Brown, Walnut, Gold, Metallic Gold, Pewter, and yes, White. These colors will beautifully accentuate the home you envision. Just a tip, if you have quirky-colored walls, whether pastel or neon shades, the White version may be a good option.


Kenney Beckett Window Curtain Rod, 48 to 86-Inch, Oil Rubbed Bronze

KenneyIf there is one window curtain rod that will add class to a room, it is this. Oil-rubbed bronze is accentuated with gold details on the ends (the finials), achieving a perfectly vintage look. The look is very classic, very vintage, so if you’re going for classic interiors, this is the rod to choose. On one hand, it may feel like a rod that belongs in a fairytale castle, on the other, it will go perfectly well with black curtains.


Kenney Kendall Curtain Rod, 48 to 86-Inch, Antique Rust

KenneyThis rod is similar to the previous one without the gold details on the ends. These are perfect for the homeowner who likes the effect of a deep metallic brown or bronze, but doesn’t want to add a touch of gold to the interior design.


Achim Home Furnishings Metallo Ilana Curtain Rod and Finial, 66-Inch Extends to 120-Inch

Achim Home FurnishingsIf you want to achieve a lighter effect on your room, and want to stick to whites with a touch of “magic,” this is the curtain rod to choose. The crystalline finial adds a bit of a fairytale effect, which may even remind you of Frozen, the animated movie. So if you prefer to decorate your space in a way that emphasizes the whites and won’t cut a contrast with dark hues, this is what you should choose.


Umbra Twilight Room-Darkening Curtain Rod for Window, 28 to 48-Inch, Auburn Bronze

UmbraIf you’re going for a more functional look and you just want a curtain rod that works, this is the item to choose. The color is classy and universal, and the design skips over the finials and the ornate details. So if you prefer to keep things simple and basic, this goes perfectly well with a simple and functional home design. It is also a great option if you don’t want the drapery to take the attention away from the other details in your home. The curve at the ends ensures that your curtain covers the entire window, so that as very little sunlight filters in the room. If you work the night shift, this helps you sleep better, too!


Achim Home Furnishings Buono II Rod with Carson Finial, 66-Inch Extends to 120-Inch

Achim Home FurnishingsAnother option for those who prefer to keep all the details in their home white, bright, and light-colored, this rod has finials that also add a touch of the vintage. The finial also has details that make it seem like it were an antique find, so if you like going vintage and antique, choose this.


Beme International 5/8″ Montevilla Core Ribbed Knob Telescoping Double Drapery Rod Set, 48-86″, Dark Nickel

Beme InternationalGoing chrome, silvery or metallic? This beautiful drapery rod might be the perfect choice for you. The beautiful ribbed knob finial on the ends also makes for an interesting detail, so it goes well with a collection of pewter antiques. It may also go well in a kitchen lined with silver or aluminum built-in appliances.


Urbanest Birds Window Curtain Drapery Rod Set, Cottage Finish (48-84″)

UrbanestGoing quirky on the details makes for great tea or coffee conversations, and this drapery rod may add to the interesting small talk. If you like birds and you want to deck out a room in bird statuettes, figurines, and other collectibles, add this drapery rod to complete the avian theme. This is perfect for bird-watching enthusiasts, those who own aviaries, or basically those who are just big fans of birds.


Umbra Chroma 7/8-Inch Tension Drapery Rod for Window, 24 to 36-Inch, Auburn Bronze

UmbraThe ultimate in simple looks, this drapery rod can enhance an ultramodern interior design. It eschews the ornate finials in favor of a sleek, postmodern design. If you want to deck out your postmodern, minimalistic apartment in browns and bronzes, choose this.


Achim Home Furnishings Avalon Window Treatment Rod and Finial, 66-Inch Extends to 120-Inch, Black/Gold

Achim Home FurnishingsThis curtain rod has one of the most intricate, interesting finials around. Part antique, part steampunk, all interesting, it certainly catches the eye. Perfect for a quirky scientist, a wife who just likes to add conversational pieces and details to her room, or just for making things look interesting. The finish is an interesting scratched black/gold look, which makes it feel like it was picked from antiques. So if you have an antiques as your furnishings, let this rod and its interesting finial complete the look of your home.


Yes, it’s all about the details. So choose the right window curtain rod to complete the look that you’re going for in your home!


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