Best Extra Long Handle Post Hole Diggers On Amazon Reviews

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On several occasions you have had the need to dig a hole. Whether to build a fence, plant a shrub or tree, or some small holes for building a new rock garden. You have, however, probably been stuck at it because you don’t know how to buy the right post holes digger for your task or the ones you have are not efficient. This article provides you a review of some of the best post holes diggers, all of which are available on Amazon.

The fiskars inch steel post holes digger

FiskarsThe fiskars has a 12 inch long and offset steel handles making it the most ideal for digging deep post holes. The offset handles allow you to dig up to 12 inches deeper than the conventional 48 inch diggers. They also make digging more comfortable by preventing your knuckles from smashing one another as you dig. Their steel nature also makes them last longer than the wooden or flexing fiberglass diggers.


Seymour structron hercules post holes digger

SeymourThe Seymour’s are a small 6-1/4 inch point spread fiberglass post hole diggers with a core-insert feature. This reinforces the connection to the digger at the head that forms the point of greatest stress. The core insert reinforcing feature also gives it extra durability making it more effective at the same time. The large head spread feature also makes it possible to dig large diameter holes.


Truper 32406 tru tough atlas pattern post holes digger

TruperThis is a 48 inch light fiberglass holes digger with a steel head finishing. This light nature makes sure that the tool does not wear you out when working while at the same time making it possible to cut through the most compact soils and small roots with its replaceable steel head.


Seymour promotional post holes digger with wood handle dg-60

DG-60The Seymour promotional holes digger has a square cut hardwood handle and a full sized carbon-steel head with replaceable blades that can be sharpened for easier digging. This digger being made of hardwood is unbreakable and extremely light at the same time. It is the most suitable for less strenuous tasks and cutting through soft soils such as digging small plant or shrub holes.


Bully tools 92384 14-gauge 7-inch post holes digger with fiberglass handle

BullyThe bully digger with a7 inch point spread head is made of 14 gauge steel that is reinforced at the stress points especially at the head connection. Its heavy gauge steel makes it unbreakable and able to cut through the rocky grounds. It is this hard and wide spreading head make it suitable for industrial use.


These diggers are not only long lasting, they also allow you to dig deep, and wide diameter holes. They are also capable of cutting through the different types of soil whether soft or rocky. For whatever purpose, industrial or home use, these are just the right tools for the job.


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