Best Extra Wide Folding Dog Ramps & Steps For Trucks & Cars Reviews

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Are you looking for better exercise pet equipment to travel with? Looking to make a more interactive environment between human and dog? The new pet ramps are a huge hit at my house. I highly recommend this product to be added to the play area. This goes for hours of playtime entertainment. It is affordable and very sturdy.

Not only can this help boost confidence when trying to reach new heights, it is a great accessory to blend into the house without sticking out obnoxiously. It can be packed up and moved anywhere easily with the one piece assembly and no tools involved. Burns a lot of energy off just like going on a walk without having to leave the house. This makes it easier for dog owners with a busy schedule. Here are a few of top selling pet ramp models via Amazon:

Solvit PupSTEP + Plus Pet Stairs:

SolvitThis one piece stair requires no assembly for those that aren’t good with tools and can hold up to 120 pounds. Believe it or not, that is enough to hold a small adult. It even help up my 100 pound adult lab without sagging. This piece of equipment is great for medium and small dogs of all sizes. Its attractive design will help encourage the dog to use the item as a connecting bridge to a favorite napping place or hangout spot.


Petstep Folding Pet Ramp:

PetstepThis mobile ramp can be taken anywhere on all kinds of travels. I take it all every time I take my dog to the park to make exciting and entering the car easy. Especially after being tired after a long walk. You don’t want to have to drag your heavy dog into the car. The folding technology allows for easy storage and transportation. No need to worry about having to discard everything to make room. If your dog is scared to jump up into a car or onto a piece of furniture, this is a great confidence boost. The walking surface is rubber with good traction for walking. The folding ramp can also be used for dogs that are injured or of old age.


Mr. Herzher’s Smart Ramp Junior:

HerzherThis is another mini ramp that is great for training as well as mobility for dogs with disabilities or old age. Even younger pups can get a kick out of this. The dog loves to run up and down it all day like it is a fun new toy. This product is bound to keep them entertained for hours. Whether it is for climbing up to higher heights or an indoor playground, there are plenty of uses and unlimited opportunities using imagination. This product is recommended by all vets as good for dogs.


Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp in Chocolate:

ChocolateThis unique ramp is unlike others by standing up without having to hold it up yourself. It just leans up against something. How about that for being effective? So I can go make dinner or something while my dog can use the ramp without me having to stand there the whole time. This is one of the tallest ramps that can help the pet reach high hangout places such as a bed or couch to meet with owner. It can also hold any pets up to 200 pounds. That is more than I weight! Those pets won’t slip because of the rubberized grip making it easier to accomplish the mission without being discouraged.


Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp:

DeluxeThis long ramp is leaned against an object to make for easier transportation. It comes in a large and x-large sizing depending on the distance that needs traveled and size of the dog. This ramp uses rubber feet to keep traction.

In modern day, dog ramps have been proven to be very helpful in allowing dogs to excise and travel easier. Good uses can be described as entering and exciting vehicles and climbing up to the couch. Whether they are being held up or leaned against objects, they are always sturdy.


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