Best Folding Hiking Climbing Walking Sticks & Trekking Poles Reviews

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Hiking and nature walks are alwyas fun to take part in especially when you have top of the line equipment. Without proper equipment, one can take a tumble. State of the are trekking poles are especially useful to those experience adult hikers. It can even be a make or break experience. If you are in the market for new equipment, Amazon has got you covered:

BAFX Products A-8956 Anti Shock Hiking / Walking / Trekking Trail Poles:

BAFXThis durable piece of equipment is great to travel with and easy to use in all different types of environments and climates. I have used this for regular hiking and walking. All of my camp trips have been successful for this product. Very easy to operate. The quality is a little cheap depending on preference, but as long as they are taken care of well, then they won’t break.


Trekking Pole, Himal 1 pcs Folding Collapsible Alpenstocks Ultralight Travel Hiking Climbing Walking:

HimalThis item is very easy to use even for beginner hikers. It is durable and has survived through many rocky patches. The only problem is the height. These may be a struggle for shorter people as they come long. I let my small friend borrow them for a little bit and said they were uncomfortable.


VOROSY 2-Pack Trekking Poles Walking Hiking Sticks for Travel Hiking Climbing:

VOROSYThis pole made of light weight carbon fiber is easy to travel with. You don’t have to worry about burning all energy resources just by carrying this product. It can work well with any flat or rocky terrain. It has also increased my walking speed. The downside is that the screws to adjust the sides can fail making it harder to carry.


Weanas® 1pc Folding Collapsible Trekking Pole Climbing Stick with EVA Foam Handle:

WeanasThis safe pole is now safer than ever with easy foam grip and new locking systems. It can fold together after a long hike to make it easier for traveling. This item is somewhat of poor quality with parts that are plastic and can break if not maintained well.


Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles:

Black-DiamondThe new double grip and 360 padding make this pole so much comfortable than ones I have used in the past. Any angle of hiking on rocky terrains is great. The suspension is a little weak when putting excessive weight on this item all the time.


Overall the comfort, accessibility, and durability (for the most part) make this product great for anyone looking to spice up their active lifestyle whether is regular walking or intense hiking. The affordable price tag is great for families and young individuals.


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