Best Garden Gnome Statues Reviews

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Every garden gnome statue conveys a message. The personality of the gnome reflects the garden owner’s personality and attitude toward people visiting the premises. Whether a person likes to have a garden gnome for good luck, warding birds away, or just as a cute decoration, there is a gnome for every need and gardening style. If nothing else, a person’s choice of gnome statue will prompt visitors to take a “second glance” at its details.

1. Design Toscano Zen Garden Gnome Statue

DesignThis very relaxed gnome is a collision of old world and modern spiritual lifestyle preferences. Instead of a jolly demeanor, this little guy is poised in a yoga position ready to absorb the life energy of the garden in which he is seated. A tiny bird is a symbolic awareness gem peeking through his iconic white beard. He is made of crushed stone and resin, and resists all types of weather.


2. Garden Gnome Holding Mushroom

AlpineTried and true is this gnome’s story. He is obviously returning to the garden after a long day mushroom hunting, and turning just in time to see the garden’s owner approach. This little guy is a gnome elder with a solemn and traditional look. He is made of durable polyresin and perfectly balanced to freely stand on a fencepost, flat rock, or grassy terrace.


3. Gnoschitt and Gnofun Pair of Biker Garden Gnomes Statue

ZeckosLeather and motorcycle club members who also enjoy gardening will love this risque’ pair of gnome rebels. Instead of green pants and red hats, this burly, seasoned duo dons black leather and plenty of portly skin features. Their charms are studded collars and skull necklaces. This is one pair of garden gnomes that will make visitors do a double-take when entering the garden grounds.



4. BigMouth Inc Go Away Garden Gnome

BigMouthIs he truly angry and anti-social, or has he just had a bit too much nog? Whatever the back story, this googly-eyed, scowling, and gesturing gnome is obviously particular about who he welcomes into his garden. From a distance, he seems welcoming. A closer look will convey a completely different sentiment. This statuette is made from weather-proof resin and works well as a novelty gift.


5. Gifts & Decor Slumbering Gnome Garden Statue

DecorAdorable, cute, and authentic are great descriptions of this polyresin gnome statue. He is conveying a true sense of relaxation by taking a nap in a hidden nook on a ribbon hammock. Anyone who wants an overall peaceful atmosphere in their yard should feature this storybook gnome at rest. With iconic mushrooms at his feet, this gnome is enjoying the sweetest of dreams.


6. BigMouth Inc “Game of Gnomes” Garden Gnome Statues

GameWhat a pun for people who love both gardening and the most popular television shows. The serious look on this gnome’s face, along with the medieval gag throne, is offset by the lighthearted nature of the visual play-on-words message. This statue is weather-proof, deeply detailed, and appropriate for display in all personal spaces.



7. THE Garden Gnome 10″

GardenGnomeWorldSome people will use this traditional gnome statue as a bird deterrent because of the prominent red hat. Other people will notice the homage paid by the sculptor to the most recognizable gnome statues. Though this gnome has a sombre and stolid face, his perfect woodland and fairytale stature is absolutely unmistakeable. The ornate beard of this 10-inch statue has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.


8. Sculptural Gardens Standing Garden Gnome Statuary

SculpturalThis gnome statue seems to be plucked straight from a classic novel, or lucid dream. Every feature is carved by hand and painted with extraordinary detail. The mood of this gnome is tough to decipher, but it could be discerned with a long hard look into his glistening realistic eyes. For a moment, everyone walking into a garden guarded by this gnome will think he is real and standing very, very still. The body of this gnome is crack-resistant and has fill weight for stability.


9. Cody the Gnome Reading Phone on the Throne, 9.5 Inch Tall by Sunnydaze Decor

CodyGnomes are the perfect fantasy creatures for humor. Everyone has seen a garden with a toilet planter. Here is a garden guardian putting one of those planters to good use. A little skin and a smirk puts a twist on what people normally expect from a gnome. On top of it all, this gnome is connected digitally and spending the time messaging on a tiny stone smartphone. This gnome is made of lightweight resin and can be placed in the most inventive spots.


10. Design Toscano Axle Grease, the Biker Gnome Statue

ToscanoThis gnome, and perhaps the garden owner, are truly “bad to the bone.” There are few gnomes in the world who would dare to be seen on a red chopper, wearing leathers, and donning tattoo ink. This large crushed stone statue is perfectly balanced and looks great in the modern yard. He is obviously the gnome biker gang leader, and has the rum flask and white beard to prove it. This is an ideal yard statue for Harley, BSA, and Triumph motorcycle enthusiasts who also enjoy gardening.


It’s obvious that there is a garden gnome out there for every personality. Each of these statues are made from quality stone, or resins and are weather-proof. Some, such as THE Gnome and the Structural Gardens model, are more appealing to gardeners who want to maintain a traditional ambiance. The motorcycle rider gnome is a successful blend of opposing character traits. The leather couple, toilet, and finger gesture gnomes could be a bit much for anything other than a gag gift. Still, each of these statues are wonderful for enhancing a garden area and the attitudes of gardeners.


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