Best Garden Hose Stand & Hanger Reviews

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Surprisingly, a good water hose can make all the difference in washing your car, cleaning your driveway or watering your garden. The proper hose can save you time, give you the proper amount of money, and consume water. Depending on your needs your needs you have the option of a free standing garden hose stand and a wall mount hose hanger. In fact, a hose that can be used immediately and stored effectively is always a great choice. It is also good to have a hose that works well with the decor of your home. The following is a list of quality water hose stands that can be used for many different purposes in and around your home or business.

1. Liberty Garden Products 642 Dragon Fly Garden Hose Stand

LibertyThe Dragon Fly stand keeps your hose readily available with storage up to 125 feet of hose. It is very portable with a easy 5 step installation. No assembly is required and it comes equipped with a powder coating, made of steel, and completely waterproof. It is known for holding your garden hose neatly and out of the way.


2.Liberty Garden Products Free Standing Garden Hose Stand With Brass Faucet With 150-Foot Hose Capacity

Liberty2Why not a free standing garden hose with a brass faucet? The Patina is perfect for your commercial, landscaping, or gardening needs with a galvanized plumbing fixtures. They are a superior host butler with a 5 feet rack radius. The Patina has a combined with brass and pvc connections. It holds up to a 150 feet of hose.


3. Liberty Garden Products 645 Ornamental 125-Foot Capacity Two Point Steel Garden Hose Stand

OrnamentalThe Ornamental Free Stand will keep your garden hose securely in place with a remarkable design to accent your outside decor and your garden. It comes with easy installation without any assembly necessary. It hopes up to a 125 feet of garden hose. The Ornamental has a stainless steel construction that doesn’t need any concrete.


4. Liberty Garden #116 Decorative Hose Satin Finish Stand

116The Liberty Garden Products Decorative Hose Stand provides stylish and convenient hose storage. This hose stand features durable steel construction and a powder coated black satin finish. The 3 large prongs make it secure in the ground. This hose stand compliments most outdoor decor with its simple but sturdy design. Stand holds up to 125-feet of 5/8-inch hose. Easy to install, just step down on the anchor points-no holes to dig or cement to pour. It is really beautiful hose stand, so much nicer than the plastic ugly holder.


5. Liberty Garden Products 670 Decorative Anti-Rust Cast Aluminum Wall-Mounted Garden Hose Butler/Hanger with 125-Foot Capacity, Antique Patina Finish

Anti-RustSecure your water hose on the wall with the Liberty Garden Wall Mount. It has an anti-rust cast aluminium design with an antique Patina finish. You never have to worry about your garden hose stand rusting. The mounting hardware allows you to secure it to the outside of your home or business. It will securely holds 125 feet of a 5/8 hose.


6. Wall Mount Garden Hose Hanger / Holder. Including Spray Nozzle- Bronze

Quality-ChoicesThe Garden Hose Holder comes conveniently equipped with a bronze spray nozzle. The hanger allows you to position and arrange your garden hose any way that you need it. It is a simple and decorative design for your garden. The wall mount hardware allows you to secure the Garden Hose Hanger on any surface.


7. Garden Hose Holder – Decorative Bronze Metal Wall Mount Hanger Rack Including Spray Nozzle

HolderMade of sturdy materials and built to last, the Garden Hose Hanger is an elegant storage solution for your garden hose. It can be mounted on any surface with a heavy duty hose nozzle included. It is a beautiful iron wall mount that holds holds up to a 150 feet of hose. Say goodbye to leaving your hose coiled on the ground..


8. Decorative Garden Hose Hanger. Wall Mount Holder Including Spray Nozzle

DecorativeA Decorative Garden Hanger comes with a wall mount and a spray nozzle. You will have a bronze free spray nozzle, convenient for all your garden needs. It mounts on to any surface and keeps your hose off the ground. It features an adjustable water pressure and comfortable grip with the capacity to hold an up to 100 of feet hose.


9. OliaDesign Deluxe Wall Mount Hose Hanger

OliaDesignThe Olia Design is a beautifully and simple crafted wall mount design for your garden hose. It features a lifetime warranty that eliminates crimps and kinks in your garden hose securing it neatly in place every time. It has a heavy duty bracing that extends the life of your hose. You get a neat garden appearance with no tangling. The Olia holds a hose up to 150 feet.


10. Yard Butler IHCWM-1 Deluxe Wall Mount Hose Hanger

Yard-ButlerThe Yard Bulter is very popular for its deluxe hanging mechanism and easy mounting to almost any surface. It eliminates every having a coiled or tangled water hose. Butler has a lifetime warranty against defects and malfunctioning of any of their products. It is the perfect wall mount hanger for your garden hose, holding up to 150 feet of hose.


Customers have the option of choosing from a free stand or wall mount garden hose holder. In fact, you decide if you need a simple design like the Liberty Garden Wall Mount or the Yard Butler with a superior design that comes with a lifetime warranty. Each hose holder, hanger, or mount, is guarantee to keep your water hose neatly organized and ready to use for your garden, landscaping or commercial needs every time.


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