Best Monocular & Binocular Biological Compound Microscopes For Students Reviews

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A powerful, versatile microscope has been at the top of the list of every STEM student and scientist. Microscopes are used to explore micro universes by inquiring minds and critical thinkers such as young students, educators and scientists. Microscopes vary in terms of power from 40X to 2,500X magnification, computer/camera attachment, and binocular vision for depth perception and better imaging.

AmScope M150C / M150C-I 40X-1000X All-Metal Optical Glass Lenses Cordless LED Student Biological Compound Microscope

AmScopeAmScope M150C/M150C-1 microscope is an excellent generic student microscope. It is very highly rated 5 1/2 stars out of 6 stars based on customer reviews. It is a good solid work horse for students. It only has 1000X magnification, does not include a camera and does not connect to a computer. For a student, it is fine because students do not need a higher magnification, and they can manage without a camera and computer connection.


OMAX 40X-2000X Digital Lab LED Binocular Compound Microscope with Built-in 1.3MP USB Camera and Double Layer Mechanical Stage

OMAXOMAX 40X-2000 Digital Lab microscope is a big step up from AmScope M150C/M150C-1. It is double the magnification, and it has a USB camera connection to the computer. It is highly rated by customer reviews. This microscope is professional quality or for an advanced student. It does not have enough magnification power to examine ultra-small objects.


AmScope B100B-MS Compound Binocular Microscope, 40X-2000X Magnification, Brightfield, Tungsten Illumination, Abbe Condenser, Mechanical Stage

B100B-MSAmScope B100B-MS Compound Binocular microscope is more powerful than AmScope M150/M150C-1, and has more magnification. Otherwise it is similar. It is an economical microscope, which is good quality, and terrific for kids to examine such things as pond water.


AmScope SE400-Z Professional Binocular Stereo Microscope

SE400-ZAmScope SE400-Z Professional Binocular Stereo Microscope is a bench microscope that is set up to look at relatively large particles under low magnification. It is useful for looking at a soil sample and determining what percentage of the sample is large clay particles and what are small particles. This microscope will not give you the necessary magnification for identifying smaller objects such as bacteria, fungi and molds.


AmScope B120C-E1 Siedentopf Binocular Compound Microscope

B120C-E1AmScope B120C-E1 microscope goes beyond functional to exquisite. It is extremely powerful. It has all the bells and whistles in terms of camera and computer connections. You can do very sophisticated scientific research when you connect to data counting and analysis software. You can use it to identify abnormal cells such as cancer cells.


In conclusion, modern microscopes are sophisticated STEM tools for students and scientific researchers. People have a personal relationship with the microscope. An ideal purchase of a microscope gives you what you need in terms of the optimal magnification and camera attachments at an affordable price.


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