Best Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews

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With all the technology we have available, isn’t just amazing that we have access to a simple but natural way to rejuvenate our body and soul. The Earth’s provision has offered us, Himalayan Salt. Yes, you heard right! Beautiful and pure himalayan salt, which is considered food grade. It’s amazing way it provides natural negative ions, when heated.

This natural mineral only found in the Himalayan mountains. The chunks of salt are harvested and broken into smaller pieces. Each piece is designed to accommodate a light bulb. However, there are beautiful baskets filled with salt crystals both large and small pieces.

We may not understand how negative and positive ions work, but they are active all around us. Sorta like the wind. We know it’s there but we really don’t see it per say. Ion is an atom or molecule, (as we learned in school) which have a number of electrons. The electrons are not equal to the protons, in which giving it net positive or negative electrical charge. Himalayan Salt Lamps provide natural negative ion generators. This is naturally providing both positive and negative ions in the air.

With all the electronics we have around us like computers, cell phones, microwaves and such keep positive ions in the air. This often influences problems like allergies. Negative ions occur more naturally like sunlight, waves in the oceans and more. This is why people feel refreshed after time on the beach or a great storm.

WBM 1002 Hand Carved Himalayan Natural Crystal Lamp Bundle with Neem Wood Base

1002With this Hand Carved Himalayan Natural Crystal Lamp Bundle, you will enjoy knowing its all natural Himalayan salt crystals that have been hand mined. It sits atop of Neem Wooden Base. The lamp has a dimmer switch. When the lamp is on it provides a soothing Amber color. As the salt is heated with the bulb, it produces negative ions that purify the air in the room.


Crystal Allies Gallery: Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp and 2 Piece Star Candle Holder Combo

CrystalCrystal Allies Gallery offer the Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp and 2 Piece Star Candle Holder Combo. Each lamp is uniquely hand carved. Crystal Allies Himalayan Salt Lamps works by releasing negative ions to neutralize the positive ions already in the air. This is a natural way to remove the stress and rejuvenate you in a pleasant way.


Crystal Allies Gallery: CA SLS-S-2pc Pack of 2 Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

GalleryCrystal Allies Gallery provides a pack of 2 Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps on Wooden Base with Cord, Light Bulb & Authentic Crystal Allies certified stone card. They offer 6 to 8 inch lamps, which weigh about 4 to 8 lbs each. With each carved lamp uniquely designed, it provides a naturally clean air environment by producing negative ions which bind to the positive ions in the air and neutralize each one. You will love the way you feel and it’s all done thanks to Mother Earth. Being rejuvenated and charged up you will handle all the stress with ease.


WBM Himalayan Light # 1326 bowl Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp

WBMWho wouldn’t love this attractive Himalayan Light bowl Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp with Crystal chunks, sitting on top of a Neem Wood Base. This unique lamp bowl is filled with the Himalayan salt crystal chunks. You will never know that it’s beauty is providing an environment of clean air by charging the air with negative ions. Your friends will love the centerpiece and you will love the peaceful tranquility it gives.


Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp

Waterglider-InternationalKeep one and give one of these Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp- TWO Packs. They are offered in 6 or 8 inch sizes. A hand carved base will offer your unique one of a kind lamp a place to bring beauty and clean air into your home.


With a Himalayan Salt Lamp, you will introduce negative ions back into the air which will neutralize the positive ions. They bond together to cleanse the air naturally. It’s the unique combination of salt and a light that is in the salt lamps which provide the negative ions.

Hygroscopic is the ability of a substance to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment. This is how the salt lamps achieve and produce negative ions by attracting water to it’s surface and then water will evaporate due to the heat from the light. Your salt lamp will sweat and appear wet in humid conditions. Yes, you got it right! This is how negative ions get into the air and bond with the positive ions.

As much as we tend to not think about what’s in the air like allergens, mold and other airborne positive ions, it’s great to know there is a natural way to neutralize them with your new Himalayan Salt Lamp. Don’t settle for less than the best. There is a difference in the purity.


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  1. June Bug says:

    I’ve been using these himalayan rock salt lamps for years now and have them in every room in my house. They have helped me with some minor health problems i had like sinusitis and cluster headaches.Their glow is also very relaxing and the warm colors are just beautiful

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