Best Neck Traction Devices For Home Use On Amazon Reviews

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It’s just a fact of life that your boss is going to be a pain in your neck, and unfortunately there isn’t much that you or anyone else can do about that. However, if you have actual pain in your neck, the kind that makes everyday tasks a dread, then there is hope. Neck traction devices can relieve the pain in your neck, (the physical pain, not your boss or in-laws), without surgery or medication.

1. Goda Cervical Neck Traction Pillow

GodaThis Goda Cervical Neck Traction Pillow is one of the best choices you can make for your neck. It offers non-invasive treatment that effectively stretches the cervical muscles, and it can even help to restore your neck to its natural position. It’s soft design allows for maximum comfort as it relieves pressure on the spine, and relieves muscle spasms, pinched nerves, stress, and even headaches. The Goda Cervical Neck Traction pillow is equipped with Velcro straps to comfortably fit any neck, and also comes with a zippered storage pouch to stow away with ease.


2. ChiSoft Neck Traction Device

ChiSoftThe ChiSoft Neck Traction Device is a doctor recommended remedy for people suffering with many types of chronic neck pain. Its elongated straps allow it to fit any size neck, and its soft nylon material gives it added comfort. In spite of its softness, it has a durable design, and will not puncture once fully inflated. The ChiSoft Neck Traction Device is perfect for those who make their living working in an office as it can help correct poor posture. It also provides pain relief to those suffering pain from pinched nerves, bulging discs, and muscle spasms, and is recommended by many doctors and physical therapists.


3. TracCollar by BodySport

TracCollarThe TracCollar by BodySport was created by orthopedic engineers to be a device effective against many neck problems while being comfortable enough to use daily. The collar is made out of plastic foam and contains to air bladders that gently inflate to stretch the neck, and relieve pressure on discs, vertebrae, and nerves. Its outer shell is 97% cotton to provide a comfortable fit. The TracCollar has two bulbs attached to it for inflation; no batteries are required. The TracCollar is an effective and cost efficient way to relieve neck ailments.


4. InstaCare Cervical Neck Traction Device

Insta CureThe lightweight and cost efficient Instacare Cervical Neck Traction Device is perfect for those who spend a lot of time looking down at electronic devices, sitting at a desk, or have back and/or neck pain from sleeping on uneven surfaces. The InstaCare collar stretches the neck by gently pushing the head upward and the spine downward. This allows for joint relief, and also releases nutrient rich fluid into the neck, spine, and joints for lubrication.


5. Best Cervical Neck Traction Device by (Bonsai) #1 Doctor Recommended Relief For Neck and Spine Pain IMPROVED Extended Velcro Cervical Traction

Bonsai-WellnessThe Bonsai Wellness Cervical Traction Device is a three tiered collar that is much more effective than those that have only one level. It has a soft outer construction developed for comfort, and it inflates to ease discomfort in cervical muscles, vertebrae, shoulders, and joints. It is ideal for the treatment of spasms, bulging and herniated discs, and other common injuries and issues that cause chronic pain in the neck. It has also been proven to be effective at knocking out tension headaches and relieving stress.


Say Bye to Neck Pain

You no longer have to put up with that nagging, chronic pain in the neck, or shell out hundreds or even thousands to a chiropractor or physical therapist to get rid of it. There is a wide variety of neck traction devices that can help correct your posture, increase blood flow in affected areas, release pressure on herniated and bulging discs, and stretch out cervical muscles, which can relieve muscle spasms. Some of these devices have even been proven to relieve stress, which may even help you to cope with that pain in the neck boss of yours.


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