Best Outdoor Patio Umbrella Base Stands Reviews

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Umbrella stands are great for porches or pools during sunshine or intense rain, as long as they don’t blow away. Those property owners that are looking for a good way to protect themselves for those rainy or sunny seasons could really use a strong umbrella stand. Here are some of the best stands in 2016:

DC America UBP18181-BR 18-Inch Cast Stone Umbrella Base:

DC-AmericaThe bronze finish placed on this product is made with a rust free material that will last any individual for many years without showing any wear or tear. Event those harsh winters can’t damage this item. The twenty four inch diameter will sit very comfortably under any regular 38″ table. This base has four total adjustment options available to try out. There is no extensive movement that occurs when this base goes through all kinds of crazy weather storms ranging from wind to downpour. If you don’t mind this item being extra big,then it is a great buy.


USW Empty Umbrella Base:

USWThe quality of this base is one of the best on the market right now. It is based locally in the United States and is will stay in a perfect condition for a long time. This base is great to use during a nice sunny beach day to protect against those harmful UV rays. The 1.75″ Poles EZ Grip Handle makes for very easy transport. It has to be held down by a heavy object to keep it standing. It will last against rain storms, but would be questionable against very strong wind storms.


Original Umbrella Stand:

OriginalThis well designed stand has two different angles to work with making it great for all sporting events and picnics. The 1.5″ diameter tubes with thumbscrew nails are strong enough to secure the umbrella in the right place. The set up process just takes minutes and no extra tools needed. The base pairs well with any umbrella and the tiny holes are very easy to anchor into the terrain operated on. It is made of metal and is going to be heavy to travel with. It also doesn’t stand well in sand by itself.


Outsunny Round Decorative Cast Stone Umbrella Holder Base, 21.5-Inch, Bronze Finish:

OutsunnyThis attractive bronze styling looks perfect on any patio or deck containing various furniture items. The strong stone was made to provide the up most protection against any force. The stand sits at 21.5″ Diameter x 14″ tall and weighs 43 pounds for extra stability. This item stands up straight with no trouble, but will be quite heavy to move around once planted.


USW 50-Pounds Umbrella Base:

US-WeightThis strong base is made from cast stone, which is of the highest quality on the market and does not leak when put to test by any force. It is not only strong, but charming to look at. When looking through online retailers it is important to consider that this base will not stay connected with the ground when only operating with light materials. For example, minerals such as sand and light liquids such as water will not hold up as well in strong weather conditions.


Overall the strong base, protection against leakage, and sturdiness make these products great for any type of climate or whether. It is time to ditch that cheap base that just blows away every major storm. All of these bases are guaranteed to get your monies worth by lasting years without rust.


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