Best Outdoor Trash Cans, Garbage Cans, Recycling Bins, Container Carts With Lid Wheels Reviews

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Most people don’t give a thought to their trash containers until it is too late. These sturdy workhorses of the home keep going on strong week after week, but at some point even they need to be replaced. When that happens, you are confronted with what seems to be a ridiculous number of choices, and so it’s important to understand your needs, as well as the available products. As well as your personal needs, it is also critical to check if there are any specific restrictions on size, type or color imposed by your city or county, or even by a residents association or condo owners association. To help you make an informed choice, we have listed below some of the available options with their features and benefits.

Heavy Duty 95 Gallon Trash Bags

PlasticPlaceWhatever container you choose, you will want to keep it clean inside, which is much easier than trying to clean it once it gets dirty. These 95 gallon sacks are ideal for inserting into your garbage containers for both residential and commercial users. They are two mil thick which makes them strong and sturdy enough for all your garbage.

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Rubbermaid Commercial FG9W2700YEL Brute HDPE 50-gallon Rollout Trash Can

RubbermaidThe 8-inch heavy-duty wheels on this container make it easy to maneuver over steps and curbs. It comes with a hinged lid that swings back and locks to allow easy access and fits tightly when shut. The rounded corners and smooth contours make it easy to keep clean.

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Toter 025532-R1BLU Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled Recycling Container Cart

025532-R1BLUThe toter 32 gallon Recycling container is equipped it a flip lid and is easy to maneuver through most gates and doorways. It has a great tilt-to-roll ratio and rugged wheels making it easy to move even when full. It is compatible with all automated garbage trucks and semi-automated cart lifters.

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Toter 025564-R1BLU Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled Recycling Container Cart

025564-R1BLUFor those with bigger container needs, this is 64 gallon version of the Toter Recycling container. The cart is made from medium density polyethylene and comes with a rugged rim at the top edge and the wear strip at the bottom of the container. These features provide the container the with a long life expectancy, and they come with a 10 year warranty.

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Toter 025532-R1GRS Residential Heavy Duty 2-Wheeled Trash Container Cart

025532-R1GRSFor a general purpose trash container, this product is strong, and the big wheels make it easy to roll over curbs as well as soft surfaces such as grass easily. The attached lid is secure and will go flying around the neighborhood. This black container is available in different sizes from 32 to 96 gallons.

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When considering the container to buy, remember to always take into account where you will need to maneuver it, and how much it will weigh when full. A well-selected product will last you many years to come, so it pays to consider the options.


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