Best Road Bicycle Wedge Seat Saddle Bag Pack Reviews

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If you’re a regular bicycle rider, or go on long bicycle trips, and you want a way to carry essential items on your rides without the nuisance of a backpack then this post is for you. It lays out the benefits of different bicycle saddle bags. Saddle bags sit unobtrusively beneath the bike seat. With a saddle bag, you have a place to store your id, wallet, phone, tools, patch kits, snacks, or whatever.

BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag / Seat Bag

BVThe first bag option is the BV Bicycle Bag, which is well-suited for the nighttime rider. It’s a small, handsome bag that is black and gray with a white reflective stripe. The stripe makes the bag easily visible at night. This saddle bag has two pockets. One pocket easily zips open at the end of the bag, and the other pocket zips open at the base of the bag. There is a thick strap with a plastic buckle that holds the bag shut, ensuring the safety of your belongings. This bag comes in two sizes, medium and large. Both sizes are large enough to store an i-phone.


Avenir Bigmouth Velcro Seat Bag

AvenirAnother option is the Avenir Bigmouth Velcro Seat Bag. This bag is for the bicyclist who wants easy access to their things while they are riding. The Avenir has a large pocket facing the front of the bike, so you can easily unzip and grab what you need while you’re on the go. It’s a squat, rectangular shaped bag that comes in black and is made from a durable nylon that can handle wear and tear. In addition, the bottom of the bag is rubber so it can endure any stones that may get kicked up onto it, or any scuffing from being placed on harsh surfaces. This bag comes in small, medium, and large. It has a light mounting tab and can expand for extra storage. The Avenir is a rugged bag for the rugged biker.


Topeak Aero Wedge Pack with Strap Mount

TopeakVisibility and easy access are important, but some riders just want something that stays out of the way. The Topeak Aero Wedge Pack is right bag for this type of bicyclist. The bag has a sleek, wedge shape that allows it sit perfectly hidden behind the seat. It’s a handsome, aerodynamic bag that is flexible enough to adjust to the shape of your bike. The top half of the bag is made from a lightweight gray fabric and the bottom of the bag is a more durable black fabric. It zips open at the end and has a thin strap with a plastic buckle to hold it shut. This is a lightweight, aerodynamic, unobtrusive bag.


Serfas Speed Bag

SerfasThe Serfas Speed Bag is for the rider who goes out in any conditions. It’s a small, rugged bag that comes in bright, reflective colors. It is made with water resistant material, and on the inside of the fabric is a hard plastic that keeps the bag’s shape. It has a main pocket at the end with a wide opening, and another pocket at the base of the bag. With its reflective colors and durable design, this bag is good-to-go in any type of weather.


BSoul Bicycle Saddle Bags, Bike Seat Pack, Strap-on Bag

SoulA final option is the BSoul Bicycle Saddle Bag, which is the best compact bag. It’s a small black bag with a wedge shape and a gray reflective stripe. The BSoul has one large, roomy pocket. It also has every benefit of all the larger bags. It’s durable, water proof, easy to see at night, and has an aerodynamic design.


There is a saddle bag for every type of bicycle rider. The BV bag is for the nighttime rider. The Avenir bag is for the rider who wants easy access to their things while they ride. The Topec Bag is for the rider who wants a bag with an aerodynamic, unobtrusive design. The Serfas Bag is for the all-conditions biker, and The Bsoul Bag is for the rider who wants a small bag that has a little bit of everything.


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