Best Road & Mountain Bike Floor Pumps Reviews

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Many different types and styles of floor bike pumps make them available to everyone. Bike pumps aren’t just for the dedicated bicyclist. Even the occasional biker, athlete, or plain friend will find a bike pump useful. Spring brings many people out of their homes only to find their bike tires have gone flat through the winter. Other people may simply need to re-inflate their basketball. Bike pumps have many different uses. Some products even include accessories to keep costs low and the search for many different items simple. When someone goes seeking a bike pump, they must take into account the features of each pump.

Topeak Joe Blow Sprint Floor Pump

Topeak Joe Blow Sprint Floor PumpThe Topeak Joe Blow Sprint Floor pump has an aluminum construction barrel and a wide stable steel base to ensure that it won’t buckle under pressure. The handle locks to keep the pump from becoming extended when traveling from place to place. If you need to be able to see the air pressure up close, then the top mount gauge with pressure indicator dial will put less strain on your eyes. And for those family members who tend to get carried away, the pressure release button for precise amounts of air pressure will ensure your tires are never over-inflated.

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Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump

Lezyne Steel Floor Drive PumpThe Lezyne Steel Floor Bike pump boasts a precise floor pump with a steel barrel to provide plenty of force to inflate stubborn tires. Plastic pumps can bend, break, and become visibly aged over time; this pump is made with a steel piston, varnished wood handle to allow for comfort to the hands, aluminum base to withstand dirt, and composite matrix connectors. Since no one likes digging for different attachment and connections, this pump contains an ABS Flip-Thread Chuck, that fits Presta or Schrader valves, and a forty-three inch hose that will reach up into the back of your vehicle to allow you to get the tires appropriately inflated before evening taking the bike out onto the ground. When you get the curve ball of a disc wheel, the included speed chuck provides the means to get your tires up and going. It seems that writing continues to get smaller every day, but the an impressive two and one half inch oversized pressure gauge will allow you to see at least one thing in life clearly.

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Serfas Women’s Bicycle Floor Pump

Serfas Women's Bicycle Floor PumpThe Serfas Women’s Bicycle Floor pump will fit the needs of ladies and gentlemen alike when seeking a reliable and dependable way to make sure tires never run flat. The pump attaches to the tire easily through a simple valve head that fits both Schrader and Presta valves. This pump will last through many seasons with a durable metal barrel and base and an ergonomic handle. For people of a smaller stature, this pumps smaller design makes airing up a tire much easier. The included ball and accessory attachments increase the versatility of this pump for many different athletic or occasional biking uses.

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Pump Me Up! – Premium Lightweight Aluminum Portable Compact Pump

Pump Me Up! Bike Pump - Mini Floor Pump - Premium Lightweight Aluminum Portable Compact PumpIf you need a smaller bike pump with larger pump capacity, then the Pump Me Up! Bike Pump is right up your alley! This ultra-lightweight and compact bike pump has many great features. It boasts a comfortable tee handle for ease of grasping. The fold-able foot pump makes pumping a breeze. The Schrader and Presta adaptable valve are sure to fit most bike tires. This pump boosts air pressure up to 100 PSIG, and easily snaps onto any bike frame. This pump’s perfect for taking with you when you don’t want to strap on a back pack. The CNC Aluminum construction and flexible hose ensures you’re sure to never damage your tires again. The superior design for all bike tires ensure this small pump will make sure you never are stuck with a flat tire. What about when it wears out? No problem with the pumps excellent no questions asked lifetime warranty and money back guarantee. If you still would like to find a full size pump, then the next pump may be the one for you.

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Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump

Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor PumpSerfas TCPG Bicycle Floor pump also provides ease of use with a simple valve pump head that fits Presta and Schrader valves. The sturdy all metal barrel and nylon base provides strength with even the strongest opposing force. People seeking a pump to handle high pressure mountain bike tires will find this product useful. This pump produces an astonishing 160 PSI of pressure to inflate tires on some of the larger mountain bikes. The pump’s versatile features also include ball and accessory attachments perfect for someone who needs to start a family game of basketball.

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Many different types of bicycle pumps exist for many different styles and needs. Bicyclists need to know what type of pump will be the most dependable and easiest to use when the time comes. The physiology of each individual person determines the best suited pump. Size may be an issue, or the ability to see an oversized pressure gauge can often be deciding features. The adventure of riding on a bike or playing a ball game with friends and family won’t be stopped when you have a floor bike pump that meets your needs.


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