Best Security Dog Doors For Walls & Sliding Glass Doors At Amazon Reviews

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Dog doors are great for setting boundaries for your dog. They help owners who are very busy and can’t watch over their dog 24/7. However, as dogs get bigger, they grow out of dog doors or the doors become run down. Amazon has some great doors to check out:

Ideal Pet Products Original Pet Door with Telescoping Frame:

B0017JTV8AThis product is highly recommended for pets up to 90 pounds as an entry and exit to the house. My dog uses it to go to the bathroom or play around in the fenced in backyard. There is no need to worry about this breaking, as it is made of strong impact-resistant ABS thermoplastic. I am not very good at assembling products, but the four step installation process only took 20 minutes. It is very sturdy and holding up well for about four months now. Lifetime warranty is included. IT is important to make sure that you know the correct size of the dog as there is large dogs that are tall and then just dogs that are large. I made the mistake of buying the wrong one for my dog that has long legs.


PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel Pet Door:

B005CO91TKThis rectangular door is different than your everyday door. This one is made to put into a sliding patio door leading outside. It blends in well into the door so it is not obnoxious. There is easy installation with no cutting involved so you don’t have to mess up the sliding doors. This material is also resistant to all weather. The only problem is that this door can easily fall from attachment if not put together properly. It happened to a friend that ignored the manual.


Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame:

B0017JTVF8This is another item attached to the door that is very strong and durable against all forces and weather. It is made from molded plastic and handles any dog up to 90 pounds very well. My 80 pound dog can fly right threw that running full speed without getting stuck. Unless you have garfield, then you will be fine. It snaps into place easily and there are optional wall kits available for purchase. Lifetime warranty included.


Perfect Pet Medium Pet Door with Telescoping Frame:

B000R4JNAWThis flexible medium size door is great for medium pets. Door can’t be messed with from the outside. The flap size is clear and measures at 10 1/2 by 15 inches. There are a couple different color choices based on your preference and installation time takes 20 minutes. The only problem is that the material used for the telescope frame can tear if not taken care of properly. No sharp objects near this door.


PetSafe Aluminum Wall Dog Door:

B000GF0WX4This quality bet door is by far the strongest I have ever seen. It is made out of aluminum and well tested for safety and health. The product is a bit pricey for those that aren’t willing to pay a lot for doors. The flap is adjustable and the aluminum has yet to rust. This one is larger and can safety hold pets up to 100 pounds. The only slight problem is that it will take away some of the size of the door and could stick out as odd if that is something that bothers you.


Overall, pet doors are very important to the safety and freedom of your pet. A pet needs to be able to run outside occasionally to play or use the bathroom. It is important to get a quality one to avoid injuring your pet or facing home damage. Some are easier to install than others.


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