Best Short & Long Dog Training Leashes Reviews

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You love your evening walk with your dog. Then the neighbor’s poodle is barking and your dog gets excited and pulls on the leash and then the unthinkable happens. The leash breaks and he never looks back as he runs wide open. Of course you are running and hollering for the dog to stop. You are frantic that he may make it to the busy intersection and get hurt. A good leash is that important. We love our dogs like part of the family, and knowing you have provided a safe environment is so valuable.

Lavien Is A Leash You Can Trust

LavienWould you trust a leash that our Law Enforcement and Military use for their dogs? The Lavien is the finest grade leather braided dog leash for large dogs. It is a 6-ft long by 3/4 inch wide leash. Canine (K9) training lead. Law Enforcement and Military agencies use it. The lifetime durability of the Lavien will provide the security you want. With superior quality snap hook, you will notice the corrosion resistant hardware. Isn’t that what you want? A leash of durability and one you can trust to protect your dog.

Lavien has a newer leash made for small dogs, and cats. The braided leather leash is 5-ft long by 3/8 inch wide. It has solid brass hardware and is also durable. It comes with a free soft-touch bag.


Lavien Dog Leather Leash Keeps Your Dog Close By

K9Lavien is used by our K9 training units by our Law Enforcement. With Military grade training equipment. A superior leather that offers a lifetime of dependability that will look more distressed and vintage, as well as softer as it is used longer. It is truly a classic. It is 6 ft. long and 3/4 inch wide. Your dog will thank you for his genuine black leather leash with that vintage look.


Premier Dog Training Leash Is Great For Hunting Dogs

SelectThe Premier is a perfect brown braided leather leash for your best hunting dog. It’s a strong 6 ft. long training tool. Police also use this leash for training their dogs. Being a comfortable length that allows you to keep training close to you. Whether you have a reckless puppy who chews on it or an older dog who needs guidance. Both large and small dogs will benefit from using this leash for training and just walking. It comes with a one year warranty.


Mendota Combination Leash and Collar Is Perfect For Training

MendotaMendota leash and collar in one allows the professional trainers to adapt for exercise walking and training your dog. It’s pliable and soft on the hand. With the combination of leash and collar all in one is convent for correction while training. Mendota is a durable multi-filament polypropylene solid core roping will keep your dog close, and being waterproof and colorfast means you don’t have to stop if it rains. You will love the adjustable leather slide to keep the lead from slipping off. You’ll love that it’s handcrafted in the USA.


Don Sullivan’s Secrets to Train The Perfect Dog

Perfect-DogIf you could find the secret to the perfect dog, would you be interested? Don Sullivan is offering just that. He is world renowned and called “The Dog-Father”. You would love your dog to stop pulling on his leash, chasing other pets, or jumping up on people, and more. Don Sullivan’s DVDs offers 5 hours of training for you and your dog. His tried and true System never fails. Don has mentioned more than a few times that it isn’t the dog that fails training; it’s the training that fails. He trains you to create a mutual relationship with your dog.


In conclusion, the Lavien for larger dogs is of the finest grade leather braided dog leash. There is a smaller leash for your smaller dogs and can be used for cat. And if you want to take it a step further and discover the strong talents of Don Sullivan and take up the training he provides for you and your dog. You may find that the Premier leash is perfect for your needs or the Mendota leash that is light weight but strong for your hunting dogs. There is a leash just for your dog, and take the fear out of a leash breaking and your dog letting loose.


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