Best Single Speed Bikes Under $500 Dollars Reviews

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Single speed bike are pretty simple to use, they have straight forward aesthetics and are easy to maintain. It is important to know what a bike can and cannot handle. There are different bikes for different terrains and different tasks. Single speed bikes are not the best for hilly areas, but they are great for urban riders. There are no gears, no front wheel mechanisms, and have many affordable options available. These are great for commuting to work, friend’s places, or the park.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike


This bike is durable, built with a steel frame, comes with side pull breaks, which are very convenient, and is very light for those uphill trots. This is such an affordable bike and can even handle the hardship a big city can place on a bike. This is perfect for city riders and even comes with a flip flop bug so the rider does not have to worry about adjusting to temperamental components. With tired 700 x 32 they are capable of withstanding the roughest of roads.

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Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike, Shadow


This is the ideal bike for urban commuting on flat streets. It is important to know the max weight is 230 pounds and is a folding speed with a rear coaster brake. What makes this bike so great is that it has a magnetic latching system that holds the bike together when folding, making it even more convenient. This is one of Dahon’s lightest bikes and the reason for the single speed is with a rear coaster bike. It is so easy to fold and unfold and when lifted and the bike stays secure. This bike is perfect for city life, carrying bikes upstairs, running to catch a bus, or lifting the bike to place it in a taxi.

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Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle


This is a women’s, 26 inch single speed cruiser bike and is perfect for relaxing rides in the park, on the beach, or just a ride in the neighborhood. The frame is steel, with aluminum wheels and is 15.5 inched. The seat is very comfortable and the tires are balloon tires with easy to use coaster brakes. The bike is created with wide handlebars and form grips for comfort and is the perfect bike for those who are five to six feet tall.

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Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Urban Single Speed Deep-V Wheels


This fixed gear bike with 120mm rear spacing has horizontal dropouts. The wheels are 30mm deep V doubled wall with flip flops. The handle bars are comfortable with riser alloy handlebars. The unique colors are eye catching and even include free platform pedals. This bike can coast without pedaling a great bike for just riding.

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Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike


This bike is a fixed single speed with deep dish 50mm wheels. It comes with flip flop rear wheel hubs and that allows the bike to change from a single speed to a fixed gear. This fame is built to last and the front brakes are easily removed. This bike even comes with brand name components such as Kenda Tires and tubes and KMC Chains. This bike is perfect for trick riders and is sized to fit all sizes of riders. This is the perfect bike for fun and tricks.

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In conclusion there are many reasons to purchase a single speed bike, for the simplicity of them, the different terrains they can handle, and the durability. These bikes are all under 500 dollars and worth every penny. Whether the rider is riding in the city, park, beach, or neighborhood, there are available bikes for all occasions.

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