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It’s that time of year again. As temperatures drop and snow clouds gather, are you ready for winter? Have you checked all your outdoor equipment and made sure it’s ready for another season of snow removal? Winter snow can be so beautiful, unless you don’t have functioning tools to move it out of the way, then it’s more of a trial than a joy. Local hardware stores don’t generally have much to choose from, you take the brand they offer or walk away empty handed. The following online products all come highly recommended by the toughest critics there are, people just like you who need function and value for their money.

Garant NSP24DU Nordic 24-Inch Steel Blade Snow Pusher Varnished Ash Handle, Red

GarantPushers are expected to move snow around but if they aren’t built like this Garant that “wintry mix” with ice in it defeats most of them. Garant’s heavy gauge steel blade has no problem with ice, and the varnished ash handle is light so using it doesn’t add to the weight and make snow removal that much harder. The Garant’s support design, quality material and construction all give long life to this hardworking pusher.


Suncast SN1000 18-Inch Snow Shovel, Navy

SuncastThe Suncast shovel may be advertised for removal of snow, but depending on the season, this little work horse may be considered a multi-seasonal tool. Poly-coated for strength and durability, the lightweight plastic scoop is ready for anything and it won’t rust. Snow doesn’t stick to it, the handle is reinforced with steel, a ribbed pattern helps prevent what you just shoveled up from sliding off again, and raised edges on the blade keep leaves from falling off before you can dump them where they need to go. This Suncast is truly a multi-tasking bargain.


Ivation Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher with 6″ Pivot Wheels & Adjustable Handle, Bright Orange

IvationThe only thing easier than using Ivation’s heavy duty roller for snow removal is hiring someone else to do it. A padded handle and adjustable height both add to the comfort rating of this pusher, and 6″ rubber wheels provide traction for steadier forward motion. Instead of the constant, back straining up and down motions of a standard shovel, this sensibly designed pusher allows you to clear sidewalks and decks simply by pushing it in front of you.


Suncast SC2700 20-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Wear Strip And D-Grip Handle

SuncastBuilt for endurance and heavy use, this Suncast combines two things, a shovel and pusher into one hardworking piece of equipment that will last for years. Snow won’t stick to the graphite blade and the galvanized steel wear strip keeps it safe against concrete, asphalt and any other hard surface which can severely damage brands without this protective strip. The handle has a steel core and is built just as tough as the rest of this shovel/pusher so for durability, function, and a comfortable grip, this combo is hard to beat.


The Snowplow 50524 Snow Pusher, 48in

TSP SnowpushersWith a 48″ polyethylene blade and tough, reinforced fiberglass handle the Snowplow is aptly named. Materials used in manufacture make it highly durable as well as lightweight, rust-proof, and non-abrasive so it can’t harm wood decks like a metal shovel could. The extra wide blade on this pusher removes twice as much snow in one pass so you get the job done that much faster and spend far less time outside in the cold.


Suncast SCF2950 20-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle And Wear Strip

SuncastThe Suncast 20″ model features everything you need in a shovel and pusher combo. Manufactured from tough, industrial grade materials the Suncast is made to last for many seasons of snow removal. Snow won’t stick to the graphite blade, the galvanized steel strip protects the edge, and the fiber core handle doesn’t add weight, all of which makes this tool handy to have around when it’s that time of year again. With a total weight of less than 5lbs, the only real weight will come from the amount of snow this shovel/pusher can take in one scoop or push.


Garant YPSS26U Yukon 26 Inch Ergonomic Sleigh Shovel Poly Scoop Steel Wear Strip and Ergonomic Steel Handle, Blue

GarantGarant’s Yukon Sleigh Shovel is designed to avoid the repetitive “twisting and throwing” motions other brands require and is much easier on a persons back. It’s so easy to use, just get a grip on the user-friendly handle and start walking. The Yukon Sleigh moves easily forward without muscle strain or body stress. Once you’ve tried this Garant product, standard shovels will never be good enough again.


JM Enterprises TV206971 Snowplow Snow Pusher, 30″

JMJM Enterprises version of the Snowplow pusher is the answer to making every step count and cuts down on the work involved with snow removal. The 30″ blade can push a lot of snow and its non-stick properties prevents it from clinging and adding extra weight. With a fiberglass handle, and poly blade, by itself the Snowplow feels weightless, which makes clearing snow from large areas a much easier job than it would be with standard shovels. Built to last, once you’ve tried the Snowplow it will become your “tool of choice” when snowy weather arrives.


Garant YSP30DU Yukon 30-Inch Steel Blade Snow Pusher with Ash Handle and Steel D-Grip, Blue

GarantYou can depend on the Garant brand to provide what you need for snow removal and the Yukon with its 30″ steel blade proves it. This heavy duty pusher is designed for long, continuous use no matter how bad the weather gets. Steel back braces add strength and rigidity for more control, and the varnished ash handle is just as durable as the blade. If what you need in snow removal equipment is durability, and function this is the pusher for you.


Suncast SG1600 14-Inch Snow Shovel Scoop With No Stick Graphite Blade And Smooth Resin Handle

SuncastIf all you’re looking for is a simple shovel that does what it’s supposed to do, you’ve found it. The Suncast scoop features a non-stick graphite blade, an angled rib pattern to hold the snow in the scoop until you dump it, and a smooth resin handle. Being manufactured from high grade material ensures many years of use which makes this shovel scoop a market favorite.


It’s gotten to the point that online shopping is the only way to find what you really need these days. Buying snow removal equipment is a necessity that can’t be put off or you risk wading through snow, instead of walking a cleared path. The preceding list of ten are top market choices and out of them all the Garant Yukon Sleigh Shovel and Ivation Rolling Pusher are the top picks. Choosing between them would be difficult, all either one of them require is for the user to grasp the handle, and start walking.


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