Best Toilet Tissue Reserve & Paper Roll Holder Reviews

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You might imagine that toilet paper rolls are so simple that there can’t be much variation available. On the contrary, your toilet paper roll is an opportunity to complement your bathroom design and provide extra storage. These toilet paper holders have done an excellent job at making the bathroom more functional.

1. Spectrum Diversified Euro Toilet Tissue Reserve, Toilet Paper Holder, Toilet Roll Holder

SpectrumThis toilet paper reserve can store up to four large rolls, keeping them off the floor. Depending on the size of the roll you may be able to store five. It’s made of stainless steel and you can tell it’s built to last a while. The vertical design helps you store more while optimizing your floor space. It’s a very sturdy and unobtrusive addition to your bathroom.


2. InterDesign Vine Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder for Bathroom

InterDesignThis toilet paper holder is made of steel with an elegant, rust resistant finish. It’s available in both a satin nickel and black finish. You may begin to wish that this holder held a bit more paper. It fits three oversized toilet paper rolls and no more. The holder is lightweight and top-heavy, requiring you to keep it stocked to keep it from tipping over. This holder is a little unlevel, so you may need to place silicone tabs underneath.


3. Zenna Home 7653SS, Toilet Paper Reserve

ZennaIt holds three rolls of paper, keeping them well above the surface of the floor with ball feet. The small size fits perfectly in a corner and is friendly to your floor space. The color complements your bathroom no matter what the decor is. This holder is designed for normal sized rolls and has a difficult time holding jumbo sized rolls. The upside is that it fits perfectly behind your toilet if you want to hide it from being usual decor.


4. mDesign Twiggy Free Standing Toilet Paper Roll Holder for Bathroom Storage

mDesignThis toilet paper holder serves a dual function, being a dispenser and a holder at the same time. This is an excellent choice if you don’t have an area to dispense toilet paper on your wall. It’s a pearl champagne colored, very sturdy holder that doesn’t topple over easily. It’s an attractive looking piece that holds your toilet paper higher above the ground than most, but not enough to be noticeable.


5. mDesign Free Standing Toilet Paper Roll Holder

PearlAlthough it has a similar name to another toilet paper holder, this one has a different design and it’s pearl white. It holds any size roll you may have; jumbo, mega or regular rolls. It’s made of steel so you can expect it to last a long time. It’s been painted white, so you can expects some chips in the paint over a period of time. The base is quite sturdy with or without toilet paper rolls in it.


6. InterDesign York Lyra Free Standing Toilet Paper Roll Holder for Bathroom Storage

LyraThis one is very much like the other mDesign holder except it has a bronze finish instead of white paint. There are no sharp edges, making it appropriate for the bathroom space. The bronze finish matches with most bathroom decor and it’s well built. It can also be used as a magazine holder. This holder is a neat and tidy place to store mail and reading material. You should be able to fit at least 4 or 5 magazines in the holder with no problem.


7. InterDesign RealWood Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder for Bathroom

BronzeThe bronze/walnut finish of this holder can give your bathroom a rustic look if it doesn’t have that already. This is definitely a more upscale piece for your bathroom. Although, it’s not originally intended for this purpose, you can also use it as a place to hide your toilet bowl brush while still keeping it nearby. It’s very attractive looking and lets you store at least three rolls while dispensing one.


8. mDesign Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder and Newspaper, Book, Magazine Rack for Bathroom

ChampagneThis toilet paper holder can dispense two rolls while doubling as magazine storage. This is definitely a nice touch if you like to provide extras for your guests and family. The floor space it takes up is minimal and it gives you a good clearance from the floor. It’s a clean design made of metal that you can also use to hold your toiletries instead of magazines.


9. KES Tissue Roll Hanger Wall Mount Contemporary Style

KESWhen choosing a toilet paper holder, this is an excellent choice. The brushed metal is very chic and modern with clean lines. You may hardly notice this addition to your bathroom at all. It attaches to the wall in a very small space and holds a single roll of toilet paper. It’s very simple to attach it to the wall. It works with adhesive instead of nail mounting. This is a perfect choice if you prefer a wall attachment with no nails necessary. It’s also the ideal choice if you’d like one simple roll instead of 5 rolls.


10. KES SUS 304 Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Holder Storage Rustproof Bathroom Paper Towel Dispenser Tissue Roll Hanger

SUSInstallation is only a few minutes. This rust proof dispenser is Non-obtrusive and can easily go unnoticed. It has a tasteful, ultra-modern, stainless steel look. This design uses a single stud to attach to the wall. This is also a great option to hang under your cabinet as a towel holder. It’s very easy on the eyes and holds a single toilet paper roll of any size.


Who would have known that a toilet paper holder is an opportunity to express your personal style? No doubt, it’s important to have toilet paper rolls nearby. Toilet paper can be easily overlooked, but you know how crucial it is to have a stock of paper in your bathroom. Now you can store in style. If maximum storage matters to you, go for the Spectrum Diversified version. If style and minimalism are important, you may want to go with the KES Tissue Roll Wall Mount.


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