Best Weight Lifting Gloves On Amazon Reviews

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It doesn’t matter how tough you think your hands are, weight lifting gloves are still a great tool for lifting success. Great weight gloves provide many benefits like joint support, pressure transfer, and a fair bit of fashion excellence. Like other pieces of exercise equipment, no pair of weight lifting gloves is appropriate for every person. A pair of gloves must fit hands well, while providing an aid for achieving personal fitness goals. The choice of weight gloves is nearly endless, but the following examples are a good survey of the types available.

1. Harbinger Women’s FlexFit Weightlifting Gloves with Flexible Cushioned Leather Palm

HarbingerThis glove is ideal for women who love to workout using more than bodyweight exercises. Harbinger is a trusted name in weight lifting accessories because the materials are tough and ergonomically designed. This glove’s design is narrower to create a snug fit, while wicking away moisture. It also has gel padding in the hand cradle and thumb areas to reduce weak point pressure. The half-finger design, and strong Velcro straps help female lifters assume a strong grip on standard Olympic bars.


2. Leather Padding Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support for WODs & Gym Workouts

LeatherThese gloves are a hybrid of standard barbell gloves and wrist wraps. They are made from high-grade stitched leather, but do not encompass the entire hand. The thumb is left free to accommodate lifters who have a preferred bar thumb and finger placement for power. The palm face does eliminate skin bunching that leads to painful callous tearing, and the thick wrist straps act like traditional woven wraps that amplify grip strength.


3. SEEU Women’s Men’s Weight Lifting Gloves with 17.5″ Wrist Wrap for WOD, Gym Workout, Cross Training

SEEUBesides providing an enhanced grip for activities involved with hardcore Spartan and CrossFit workouts, these gloves give women added protection. They act as a second skin especially around the top portions of the hands and upper arms. Hyperextension and ligament impingement is a problem when performing extreme lifting motions. These gloves prevent the wrist from becoming unstable in a pronated, or palm-under lifting position top padding and reinforced wrist cushions.


4. Weightlifting Gloves with over 18-inch Wrist Wrap Support for Workout, Gym and Fitness Training – Best for Men and Women Who Love Weight Lifting

SteelThis is an ideal weight lifting glove for people who transfer quickly from one exercise to another. The half-finger construction features strong leather seams and tabs that can be pulled to facilitate easy removal. A feature like this is extremely helpful for people who tend to sweat through their hands. An extra long wrist wrap ensures stability, but allows natural motions when switching from pushing to pulling exercises.


5. Weight Lifting Gloves – Soft Leather Gym Gloves With Wrist Support + Double Stitched Fingers And Palm – Breatheable Mesh Lycra On Back + Easy Open Finger Tab Size Adjuster

USAn incredible amount of heat and moisture can be created through the hands of a lifter who has a non-stop approach to lifting. These gloves have soft, porous leather construction that allows body heat to escape, while maintaining grip torque on any bar. The leather is thin to allow the effective use of other aides like nylon wrist wraps and deadlift hooks. Thick joint support prevents damage, and the soft leather resists becoming rigid after becoming wet with sweat.


6. iiSPORT Mens Weight Lifting Gloves Leather Grip Gym Workout Crossfit Bodybuilding Fitness Gloves

iiSPORTThis glove design is a staple for men and women who are wanting to set new personal records on traditional lifts like the bench press and power clean. The palms have a dual leather construction. The fingers and upper palm feature soft leather for maneuverability, while the thumb, palm butt, and wrist have thicker leather portions for ballistic padding. This configuration allows the proper transfer of weight to key muscle areas in the body for extraordinary power. The top of these gloves also have a soft material for wiping sweat away without having to reach for a gym towel.


7. Gym Gloves Protect Your Hands & Improve Your Grip Weightlifting Grips

GripLike great performance racing tires, these gloves provide grip and strength. The dual-layer design provides ergonomic finger contour matching with exceptional outer layer grip. These are gloves designed for lifters who are absolutely confident in the strength, flexibility, and integrity of their hands during quick lifts. Breathing panels wick away palm moisture, and convenient tabs are located on the undersides to help with easy glove removal.


8. Padded Anti – Slip Weight Lifting Gloves, Trideer Gym Gloves with 18” Wrist Wraps, Support for Weightlifting, Cross Training, Gym Workout, Fitness, Bodybuilding , Best for Men & Women

TrideerSome weight lifting gloves tend to wear out, tear, and stretch after a period of extreme use. These gloves resist all of these because of a patented microfiber material used to encompass the entire hand. Padded panels transfer pressure to the hand’s strong points, while weight bar friction is reduced throughout the entire grip area. Extra wide wrist supports prevent the microfiber material from sliding and bunching during long sets and non-traditional exercises like climbing and kettle bell manipulation.


9. Weight Lifting Gloves With 12″ Wrist Wraps Support for Gym Workout, Cross Training, Weightlifting

NordicThis glove style is perfect for men and women who perform a diverse range of exercises throughout their workout. The leather material is soft, but reinforced to provide added comfort and extras like wrist support. This is a relatively loose-fitting glove that is designed to protect skin, rather than assist with lifting extraordinary poundage. The construction combines elastic and soft leather to maintain natural hand movements, while increasing overall grip strength.


10. Gym Gloves For Powerlifting, Weight Training, Biking, Cycling – Premium Quality Weights Lifting Gloves Workout Gloves w/ Washable For Callus And Blister Protection!

RIMSportsWomen often need lifting gloves that help them to adjust to increasingly more difficult exercise types and loads. These gloves are extremely sturdy, but lightweight and easy to pull-on and take-off. They perform exceptionally well as grip aids transferring between unrelated exercises. They are snug for a great grip on cycle handlebars, padded to protect hands during traditional weight lifting, and have quick-dry properties for moisture control and safety during outdoor training.


There is an ideal weight lifting glove for every serious athlete! Deciding on the best glove comes down to buying gloves with the features that fit a workout style best. Choose gloves with extra palm padding and wrist support for heavy training. Choose designs with breathable material for training in various environmental conditions and preventing slippage because of sweat. Note your general hand shape. Wide gloves are meant for “meatier” hands, while gloves with stretchy side panels work well with narrower grips. Whichever glove model, having an excellent pair of weight lifting gloves does wonders to enhance workouts, and assist with making safe extreme lifts.


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