How To Buy The Best Electric Screwdriver

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ScrewdriverElectric screwdrivers are a big help while doing any DIY project. You can save a lot of time using an electric screwdriver versus a manual screwdriver. They can also save you a lot of repetitive hard work driving screws in manually. Selecting the electric screwdriver for you is as simple as deciding on which features you want in an electric screwdriver and running down to the hardware store to get one.

There are several key features that you will want to look at when deciding on which electric screwdriver to buy. The basic electric screwdriver is as simple as a screwdriver with a motor driven head. There are no special features on the most basic models. Here are some of the major features that other you may want to look for.

Cordless Screwdrivers

The basic model has a cord and requires that you have an extension cord or be near an outlet. With a cordless screwdriver you are free to move around much more easily. Cordless screwdrivers are powered by batteries. Many brands use rechargeable batteries.


Some electric screwdrivers have variable speeds. This allows you to speed up or slow down the head for use on different materials. All drivers have a reverse so you can use them to remove screws as well as sink them.

Drill Drivers

Drill drivers not only function as a screwdriver but also as a drill. They come with an assortment of both drill heads and screwdriver heads. These multi-functional tools can be of great use in most DIY projects.

Spindle lock

This function allows you to lock the head if you want to use it as a manual screwdriver.


Soft grip and rubber handles can be more comfortable to use without gloves. There are also soft grips that will help absorb sweat from your hands so that they do not slip.

Torque Control

Some electric screwdrivers allow you to change the force behind the head. This can increase the control you have while screwing into different materials or with different size screws. The larger the screw is or the harder the material is the more torque you will want driving it through the material.


There are an assortment of accessories you may want from specialty heads and bits to carrying cases. These will be found in the electric tools section of your hardware store.

Remember to take everything about your project into account when you make your decision about buying an electric screwdriver.

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