Top 5 Best Android Data Recovery Software for Mac & PC Reviews

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If you’ve never had that empty feeling in your gut because all your data seemed to have disappeared then you are indeed among the fortunate few. For those of you that know exactly what that feels like and never want to go there again, this article discusses five ways to get it all back using the best Android Data Recovery Software on the market.

The time to buy recovery software is before you need it, not after. There’s so much to consider when buying software. Every brand on the market claims to be the best, so how does a person choose the best Android Data Recovery software for them? That’s an easy question with two possible answers. Either go online and sort through mountains of data yourself or read on here where the research has been done for you.

The list of possibles reasons for your system to shutdown is nearly endless, but keep in mind nothing in cyberspace is ever truly lost, you just need help finding it again. Simply put, data recovery uses the most advanced technology available to recover lost files, so no matter where they ended up, they can be found and used again.

1. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for AndroidStellar Phoenix is a good choice for recovery software. Contented users would say it’s the best Android Data Recovery software on the market, and they would be right because there is no missing data from an Android device it can’t recover. Able to restore lost files back to your Android device with no risk to your privacy, here are some of its key features:

  • Photo Recovery – No matter how it was lost or why this software supports recovery for both JPEG and JPG file formats.
  • Restore Phone Contacts – Important contacts are recovered simply by launching the app and letting it scan for lost data.
  • Restore Phone Messages – Restoring messages you meant to keep is no problem. As with contacts, just run the app and lost data is restored to your tablet or smartphone.
  • Recover Files From The Internet and External Storage – This utility runs on Android-based devices. To recover photos from your phones memory or SC card, all you do is choose a location and load them back after the recovery process is complete.
  • Scan Android Device – This awesome program automatically scans an Android device to locate lost data on its main interface. To recover any file simply select and then save.
  • Previewing Data – When you’re finished scanning, take a look at recoverable files and keep only those you want to by saving them to your Android device or FTP site.
  • Recovery of Android Brands – Stellar Phoenix software will help you recover data from most Android devices, and is compatible with miscellaneous Android OS versions. Files are retrieved from tablets, phones, and external SD cards.

That’s seven good reasons to take a serious look at Stellar Phoenix software. Instead of worrying about a possible future disaster, purchasing software now to prevent it is much better on your nerves.


2. PhoneRescue®

PhoneRescueWith a file recovery rate higher than any other software, PhoneRescue is well named. When it comes to Android data recovery, this is the most valuable tech tool you will ever own. It won’t take long for you to see why they call it the Data Savior because it will literally save you if those lost messages, contacts, or photos you can’t find are important. Following are five reasons that make PhoneRescue your Androids best friend:

  • Covers All Android Devices – If it’s an Android, PhoneRescue prevents temporary annoyances from morphing into major disasters. Custom technology is utilized for each different tablet or phone to keep your data safe no matter what brand you may carry.
  • Delete Doesn’t Mean “Goodbye” – Have you ever cleared a list using the mass delete function only to realize there was something in the middle you meant to keep? One click is all it takes for PhoneRescue to have that data restored directly to your phone.
  • Find The Treasure Inside Your Android – PhoneRescue doesn’t need root to dig for data gems anywhere in the memory of your phone. Videos, photos, etc. that you may have forgotten about are brought back to life. Select and save is all you have to do to bring these memories back.
  • Blocked From Your Own Phone? – Locked screens are a good thing but not when you power up and neither password or fingerprint works to let you inside. It doesn’t matter what method you chose to lock your device, PhoneRecue only needs a single tap for immediate access.
  • Data Recovery Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated – You don’t have to be a tech genius to use this function. With a user-friendly interface, and a helpful wizard lost data is only a few clicks away.

This software can actually help you maintain your sanity and peace of mind because owning it means you will never have to worry about lost data again.


3. dr.fone – Recover (Android Data Recovery)

dr.fone - RecoverLost files on an Android aren’t a major disaster with Dr.Fone on the job. This first of its kind software is still considered among the best Android Data Recovery options there are. Data of any kind is fully recoverable, and it is compatible with 6000+ Android devices. Dr.Fone can even recover data from a broken Samsung phone. There are no such words as “lost files” with this software, and here are seven reasons why:
Previews Cost Nothing – Dr.Fone has a free trial version you can download for free. Scan and preview data, at no charge.

  • Recovery of Various Files – With Dr.Fone’s recovery software no data is ever lost for good. Misplaced perhaps, but never truly gone. Documents, messages, music, or photo’s, it’s all still there and this software can dig it up for you.
  • Select What You Want To Keep – When all that lost data is located, you may not want it all back. Select and save with one click is all you need to avoid cluttering up your phone.
  • Broken Androids Don’t Mean Data Is Gone For Good – Dr.Fone software supports recovery from damaged phones and tablets such as the Galaxy S series, Galaxy notes, etc. It doesn’t matter how your Android was ruined, when you can’t access the system or open USB debug, it won’t stop this software from recovering everything you need.
  • SD Card Recovery – Dr.Fone goes a lot farther than a memory card to recover files, it scans information from your Androids SD card just as easily.
  • Rooted or Not Makes No Difference – Use this function to reach the data on an Android whether it’s rooted or not. Nothing is changed, rooted devices will stay that way and unrooted ones as well.
  • 6000+ Android Models Are Supported – The number of devices supported by this software continues to grow. For now, the list includes phones and tablets such as Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, ZET, Huawei, and Motorola.

Phone problems don’t have to be terminal with the Dr. fone in residence. Whether your phone is mostly for personal use or a big part of your business no one has time to worry about lost data.


4. FoneLab Android Data Recovery

FoneLab Android Data RecoveryFoneLab protects your Android device from a long list of potential trouble. Its reputation as one of the best Android data recovery options currently available is well deserved. From improper handling to a system crash and many in between, there is no data recovery problem this software can’t handle. There isn’t room to list all its functions here but following is a sample of what you can expect from FoneLab:

  • Recovery of Deleted Data – If you forget to lock a message and then accidentally delete it, don’t panic. FoneLab can recover anything. How about lost calls before you’ve had the chance to save the number? Not a problem, one click is all this software needs to restore your data and peace of mind.
  • Undelete Anything – We’ve all done it, deleted that information we wish we hadn’t. This recovery tool grants those wishes with ease. FoneLab has no problem recovering deleted data from Word, PPT, Excel, PDF, HTML, Zip, and RAR among others.
  • Android Data Back-Up (Including Deleted) To Computer – Whatever the data consists of, FoneLab software allows back-up of existing data from your Android device to your computer without rooting the phone.

Simply put, nothing you need to find can hide from FoneLab. For anyone with a cell phone, tablet or computer software like this is a necessity whether it’s for business or pleasure.


5. Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Tenorshare Android Data RecoveryTechnology is supposed to make our life easier but there are times it doesn’t feel that way. This Tenorshare software has earned a good reputation in a very competitive industry because it functions exactly as advertised. Whether your files disappeared intentionally or by accident, the recovery rate for this software, its user-friendly format, and its many valuable functions all combine to make this one of the best deals in data recovery you could own. Following is just a small sample of what Tenorshare users can expect:

  • No Cost Preview – There’s no reason to risk your cash on the software you have questions about. You should be able to verify it will retrieve your lost data before you buy. Tenorshare allows you to check and preview data at no charge so you can buy with confidence.
  • Recovery Is Flexible – To avoid data clutter, selectivity is a must. Tenorshare allows for a complete scan and then gives you the option to select what stays, and what goes. Multiple format exportation is not overly complicated and quickly completed.
  • Risk-Free Recovery – It’s obvious to anyone why personal data leaks need to be avoided at all costs. Tenorshare is read-only and completely risk-free. Its users are safe from sensitive data leakage, and there is no risk of data damage, modification, or deletion.
  • 100% Android Compatibility – There are no worries about your device and OS compatibility. Tenorshare works smoothly with most mobiles including Samsung, Sony, and Motorola just to name a few.


For some of us, buying software isn’t the problem, it’s the overwhelming number of programs to choose from that make us hesitate. What makes lists like this so popular with any product is it enables you to skip the research and go straight to what you need. In our technology-driven world, lost data is serious and if you’re not prepared to handle it, consequences can be severe. Invest in your peace of mind and buy before you need.


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