What Should I Consider When Buying a Deep Fryer?

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A deep fryer is a far more delightful commodity than simply using a pan and cooking oil, and the results of using one will certainly provide far better results in the kitchen. The problem with frying in a pan is that it is very hard to control the temperature of the oil, thus foods may not properly cook. Another problem is the disposal of the oil can be hard. When a deep fryer is available, all of those worries are eliminated and even cooking and easier oil disposal is possible. There are numerous deep fryers on the market, however, and choosing one isn’t always as cut and dry as you would hope.

Choosing a Deep Fryer

Important factors to consider when buying a deep fryer include the amount of food that it can hold, the ease of storing the device, and the ease of temperature control.

The portability and storage of the deep fryer is one of the first things to consider before making a purchase. It is imperative that the deep fryer be able to sit on your counter with ease. Take into consideration the space available on your counter, where your electrical outlets are located and where you will put the device when it is not in use. Your deep fryer shouldn’t be close to doors or open flames.

Temperature Control

Deep fryers should have temperature control selection available, and a good model will have far more than simply low, medium, or high. It should also have more than just an off and on switch. You want to ensure that the deep fryer is at the perfect temperature before frying before any food is placed inside of the machine. If the deep fryer has two compartments for cooking food, ensure that each of the compartments have their own temperature setting.

Deep Fryer Capacity

The amount of food that the deep fryer can hold is also a feature that should be considered before purchasing. If you are someone that cooks smaller meals, you do not want a large deep fryer. On the other hand, if you have a big family or prepare group meals, you do not want a fryer that isn’t large enough to hold all of the foods that you need to prepare. Always look at the size and the capacity of the deep fryer before purchasing. Also, ensure that the baskets inside are strong and sturdy so you won’t waste food when preparing.

Modern Day Deep Fryer

Many cooks like the rotating baskets found in many of the newer deep fryers. Rather than lower the basket into the oil, these baskets turn with the assistance of an electric motor. The food isn’t just sitting in the oil, since the basket is rotated and pulled from the oil as it turns. This feature produces foods that are less oily and more tasty and crisp.

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